Slanted gradual filter?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to decide whether I should upgrade to the latest PhotoLab or not.

Is it possible to create slanted / oblique gradual filters in the latest version? Last time I checked they could only be created vertically (top-bottom).

They can be, and always have been able to be, created in any direction. You just drag in the desired direction.


That’s… not what I’ve been told by the sales rep back in the day. :open_mouth:

But thank you very much for the clarification. Time to upgrade then.

Which day? Or, more precisely, which version of PL?

Here’s a screenshot of the graduated filter, at an angle, in PhotoLab v1…

I suggest the company whose sales rep told you that should sack him/her

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And what sales rep? Are there any?



Not to my knowledge.

I wonder what he meant by sales rep, and back in the day.


Thank you all for taking the time.

I was (and still am) searching for a way to get out of Adobe’s ransomw… sorry I meant subscription model. :unamused:

For me, something equivalent to CS6’s RAW converter would be ideal so when the first version of DXO to support gradual filters (dunno when it appeared exactly but DXO ver. 1 didn’t support gradual filters it if remember well) appeared I used the contact form to ask whether the filters can go oblique or not (all examples showed only top-bottom). The answer came back that only top bottom was supported so I kept using CS6… looks like there’s a way out of Adobe’s grip.

As @Joanna already explained / showed you, just pull it out from any direction.

To readjust it, grab the → fat dot

pull it out further then needed, still hold the mouse down and moved it how you want it. – This way you have easier control.

more → here

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So that’s what you mean by sales rep.

And you say that this was for DxO PhotoLab 1?

Well, that is patently a load of rubbish and we all hope that DxO sacked the offending idiot who told you that, for losing them potential sales.

As @Wolfgang and I have both shown you, PL has always been able to do what you want since v1.

Download the 30 day free trial of PL6 and see for yourself.

You won’t be able to get an upgrade price because DxO only allow you to skip one version. You get the Elite version with the trial and you might also like to try FilmPack 6 at the same time - it adds some seriously nice tools that are about much more than simply film emulations.

Then if you need questions answered, that’s why these forums are here for. When you are happy that it does what you want, then you can buy it.

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