Skip the Delete Confirmation

Asking for a preferences option:

[_] Prompt to confirm image delete

on or off. If on, current behavior. If off, PL simply deletes the image. (which ends up in the Trash bin anyway so it can still be pulled out if deleted in error)

Is that the behaviour if the image is on a network drive? In other software if I delete a file from a connected NAS folder it is permanent (I think) - that would worry me a bit

I’m also working sometimes (when I have to revisit one older raw migrated from C to NAS) and I confirm that one deleted from the NAS the dustbin is empty… :wastebasket:

But I agree with this request anyway (option in Preferences) as I also have a second backup in which I can search…

I sooo agree with this. Actually, why cannot I delete selected file(s) with just the delete key (like most of my other apps), w/o having to simultaneously press command AND having to respond to a prompt? For anybody having to weed through a lot of images, this multi-step delete process is frustrating and time consuming. At least provide the option to get around these multiple keystrokes.
I will take responsibilty if I delete an image that I didn’t intend to (I keep backups).
While I do have cataloging software (e.g., Bridge or Photo Mechanic), I should be able to quickly delete images in PhotoLab.

The DEL direct command is reserved for LA mask removal.