Skin tone eyedropper

Hi DxO team,

I have very often the problem to adjust skin tones under different light conditions. Typically I have one picture where I’m happy with the skin tone. My idea is to copy this skin tone from one picture to the other with an eyedropper.

  • select the skin tone in one picture with an eyedropper and save it
  • go to second picture and restore skin tone

Functionality is similar to white balance feature but with skin tone instead of neutral gray tone.

This feature could also be more generic by saving a color in one picture and restoring it in another one.

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That’s a nice idea. Apple’s aperture used to have a white balance tool that could use skin tones instead of neutral grey as a reference so there was some automatism built in to remove color cast on skin tones which worked very well.

It’s a bit long winded but try this in the meantime.

  1. Find and image whose skin tone you want to copy
  2. Deselect all adjustments except the HSL wheel
  3. Use the pipette on the colour wheel tool to choose and adjust the skin tone
  4. Save the current adjustments as a preset (call it skin tone)
  5. Edit the custom preset you have just created to ensure that only the colour wheel is active (thus creating a partial preset)
  6. Save the edited preset
  7. Go to other images and apply this preset
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