Single-Klick or Hotkey Export


I’d really like to see a way to export to JPEG with a single mouse click, without needing to select/acknowledge the output options for every single image. The previously selected output options shall apply in this case. (In a normal workflow, you’ll always use the same settings on several subsequent images, anyway.)

In a perfect world, there’d also (additionally) be a hotkey for that function.

I have suggested this by mail already, a long time ago. Unfortunately, this has not been addressed yet…

Regards, Tilmann

Hi Tilmann,

It does take more than a single click, but you certainly do not need to select “the output options for every single image”

  1. Select multiple images in the Image Browser
  2. Click Export to Disk
  3. Select one (or more) output types (JPG and/or TIFF, and/or whatever)
  4. Click the Export/Go button


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Or as a variant:
Ctrl+Alt+P and then Enter :slight_smile:


Converting multiple images in one process has some disadvantages.

  • It takes very long, once it’s started (otherwise, it’s done in a background process while you work).
  • Normally, I do not process every image; I only pick those that I want to keep, those which justify the extra effort. In a folder of hundreds of images, you won’t remember later which ones you wanted to convert. It’s much easier (and a better workflow IMHO) do convert them “on the fly” while already working on the next.

For that, I still want one single button or hotkey to export with the current settings. A combination with Ctl or Alt might be OK, but needing both of them is not (it should be possible to hit them with one hand, so the other can remain at the trackball).

Thanks, Tilmann

I don’t understand the problem - you can export to disk with Command K…or to Application with Control+comm E (I may have made that a keyboard command in System Prefs>keyboard)

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PS, sorry the comm E used to work uptil DxO 11, but now have to use blue button bottom right of screen, but for export to application also Control at the same time

If you use the blue button at the right bottom, you still need to hit the “export” button in the popup window afterwards. That’s exactly what I’m complaining about.
I’d like to see some way to start the conversion/export (with the last recently used settings) by a single click or key.

Right clic on the image to export by menu
Ctrl + Alt + P // Cmd + K

Sorry, Ctrl+Alt+P is NOT a hotkey.
I don’t know the size of your hands - however, I definitely need both of them to hit this combination.

(Cmd+K apparently is a combination working only on Macs. Interesting, however, that these keyboard commands are that different between Windows and Mac…)

Personally I’ve got two hands :sunglasses:

Seriously, I agree and there’s nothing I can do about it.


Have you tried Ctrl+K on Windows?

Svetlana G.

Hello Svetlana,

why should I have tried Ctl+K? It’s not mentioned anywhere…

However, the function is exactly the same as Ctl+Alt+P, the context menu, or the export button at the lower right corner of the screen: in all of these cases, the “export” window appears, and in all of these cases you have to additionally click on it’s export button as well to really start the conversion.

With SINGLE KLICK something different is meant: the conversion should start IMMEDIATELY, without the export window popping up - using the last recently used selection for output size etc.

I am requesting this for about one year now, but obviously the concept (nor my first post) is still not understood. :disappointed_relieved:


Hello Tilmann,

Actually I suggested to pay attention to this key as you told the similar combination works on Mac. Don’t you have it in the Shortcut window:


But I got the purpose of your request from the very beginning and it’s just a matter of voting (support) of this suggestion to prioritize it.

Svetlana G.

Hello Svetlana,
I don’t use the shortcut window… :slight_smile:

However, with all respect: I don’t think the voting system is the right way to handle this. Being a software developer as well, I also think about which suggestions a) make sense and b) are easy to implement. These are then considered rather quickly, as soon as time permits. IMHO this suggestion easily matches both criteria…

Regards, Tilmann

Agree, but sometimes it’s a matter of time vs priority. And personally me likes the idea of a single click to send for the export with the same criteria.

Let’s attract @lucho attention to it :slight_smile:

Thank you
Svetlana G.