Since updating to 2.3.1 build 41 experiencing optics modules problem

Since updating to 2.3.1 build 41 I’ve been experiencing an optics module problem, my Sony FE 24-105G lens is not being recognized on some RAW files and instead the software sees it as just a 24-105 F4 lens and so applies no lens optics corrections and functions like lens sharpness are greyed out. If I move the same files to another folder then re-open Photolab it then correctly identifies the correct lens but this is frustrating cause I keep having to move files around as a workaround to this bug.

Sorry about that, we have indeed seen a few reports of issues with some Sony modules.
Would you mind providing us with an image of that specific body/lens combination so we can try and reproduce the issue?


Sure, I’ll share a file when I got home this evening, thanks.

Here’s one of the files that I encountered this problem with.A7R03374.ARW (41.3 MB)

Thanks, we’ll be looking into this.
You had the module installed from the previous version, and then it started failing with the latest update, right?

So, thanks to your image, I managed to reproduce the issue and fix it. We should have a new version ready pretty soon, as the issue is quite impacting.

In the meantime, there is a workaround to force the reloading of the module:

  • While PhotoLab is quit, open a Terminal
  • In the Terminal, move the current folder to the one directly containing images that have the issue (you can do that by typing “cd” followed by a Space, and then drag’n’drop the folder onto the Terminal window, which will fill the path automatically. Then press Enter)
  • Type “touch *” and then press Enter
  • Relaunch PhotoLab, and everything should be get back up to date

Unfortunately, you’ll have to do this for each folder that contains images having the problem (or at least the ones you need to work on), until we have the release ready. But this will avoid renaming folders, which would cause issues if you don’t have sidecars, and cause you to lose the corrections on your images.


Awesome, I found a quick easy workaround was to simply move the files to another folder after quitting PhotoLab.


I am using Photolab 1 and upgraded to the latest patch last weekend and am facing the issue described here. I am using the camera Sony A7 II and the lens Sony 24-105 f4

We have identified the issue, just finished fixing it, and we’ll release a new version in the next few days!
Hang tight :wink:


Is this already released? I do not see any updates for the Photolab 1 that I am using and am still facing this issue