Simple Request: Let me Queue Exports

This is very simple. Sometimes I want to finish up multiple projects. Rendering is quite slow, even when not using DeepPrime. But it wouldn’t be so bad if I could Configure an export and add to a queue. Then edit another project, and repeat. Then at the end of the day, I can start the queue. Each image would be processed and saved to the proper folder (potentially different folders) with the settings that image had when I clicked “export”.

All the queued items would run sequentially and when I woke up the next morning all the renders would be in their proper places.

Quite simple really.

Add all images that are ready for processing to a new project and start processing when ready…but that sounds too easy…

So, instead of a “start process” button, you’d like to have an “add to queue” button. The queue then should remember the per-image-customizing including output parameters like the target folder, watermarks, metadata etc. Right?

Right. The key is different output settings. Different output destinations and I don’t want to have to remember what should be output where to which folder. Or which projects are ready to render.

I want to be able to set and forget. But then keep editing. And as you all know, editing performance while outputting is abysmal.

Add to queue but not start the queue would be perfect. Bonus would be if the queue would be retained through restarts.

Part of the problem may be that you don’t have a very up to date computer, so your request makes sense and would make a nice addition to the program. Many people are in the same situation.

On a moderately powerful computer, or better, you can finish a project and start to process it. While it is processing you can actually start a new project with different files, etc. and work on them in DXO. When you are finished you can export it. If the first project is still running it will form a queue and will start processing project 2 automatically when project 1 finishes. I’m able to work this way even on my older, less powerful computer.

One tip is to set the Preferences/Performance in DXO to process only 1 image at a time. If you try to process too many images simultaneously, then it takes too many resources away from the computer and makes it difficult to do anything else on the computer while the batch is running.

This may not work for you, but you never know.

I guess you could also do this at the end of the day. Finish all your projects before you start processing any of them. Then start each one sequentially after you have finished all your editing. DXO will form a queue and process them all, one after the other, with the results for each project going into the folders you have specified for each project.

Yes, it would be nice to have a Queue Manager; in the meantime, this may be a workaround.

I may try the one image at a time thing. But in general DXO doesn’t seem to handle prioritizing the UI over exporting stuff all.

Oh and I have a Ryzen 4 based 8 core (16thread) machine with an RTX2060 GPU.

And my projects are 150-300 files each typically.

Good Morning,
I like the idea of MikeR even if I don’t need them that often.
But a workflow to work on a photo, right click “export”, set the export settings and to have an additional button “add to queue for later”, and so preparing 50 to ??? photos, and starting the queue before going to sleep sounds interesting to me.
So I gave a vote

best regards


I tried your idea of dropping the preference to one image at a time, and while of course the performance is better, I wouldn’t say it’s “good”. sometimes edits are quick, and sometimes it takes 5 seconds or more the the image to update with the slider change. (updates that are usually quick.)

I still want the Queue…