Simple Request for the Noise Reduction Adjustment preview window

I know there have been other requests for larger previews now that we have fast GPUs. I agree with those that if we are viewing at 100% or higher, we should have the option to have the display window show the full DeepPrime Noise Reduction output.

However, without this, there’s a small change that can be made to improve the usability of the existing preview window. Instead of making me click the “magnifier tool” to change the location of the preview square, let me simply drag the image in the preview itself so I can show some other part of the image. You can show the unprocessed image until I let go of the button (for dragging performance) and do the deepprime processing only when I let go.

I think this would help a lot.

Funny how our minds work. I thought this was already the case, but I just tried it, and ofcourse, as you say you need to click the magnifier to select another part of the image.

The suggestion here seems like a user friendly way of allowing users to make quick adjustments to the denoising preview.

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I’ve been thinking about making this request myself. Thanks for posting it! Gets my vote.

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a sidenote

Did you ever try → LiveView?
(per session only)

Then, set your screen to 100%.

Moving the Luminance slider you should see changes with → fine grain.

from the ?-help

have been looking for a really noisy pic with details and bokeh (taken at 12800 ISO)

Luminance set to minimum

Luminance set to maximum

Looks like yet another Windows only feature :roll_eyes:

Just checked – it’s there since PL2.

The behavior seems no different with or without “Live Review” selected, and in the end the 100% preview is not DeepPrime.

Really this is about being able to preview Prime and DeepPrime NR for different parts of the image quickly.

Right. The image viewer only shows the effects of HQ noise reduction (if the denoise palette is turned on - otherwise, no noise reduction is applied).

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