Silverefex bug structure black cursor

Am I wrong, but the black cursor in the structure panel, doesn’t seem to adjust the structure level of the dark area of the photo but the general luminosity…

Light, Middle and Shadows cursors work perfectly and don’t change the general luminosity.

Je me trompe peut-être, mais il me semble que le curseur des Noir dans l’ajustements de Structure ne fonctionne pas comme il faudrait.
Si j’ajuste la structure des tons clairs, moyens ou des ombres il n’y a aucun problème. Mais le curseur des noir change complètement la luminosité de l’image au lieu de faire varier la structure des zones concernées. Cela ne me semble pas être l’effet attendu.

I just tried - yes, black structure does not behave the same like shadows (or the others)… overall luminosity is increased.

Using Nik 6.9.0 under Windows.

Maybe create a support ticket:

It’s just hard to see if you set the black slider all the way to -100%,
but not a real problem (in the sense of a bug).

( checked in Nik SilverEfex 6.9.0 )

I don’t see how it is hard to see an overall increase in luminosity. No matter if you start the black at -100 or 0 and move to 100.

Doing the same with the shadows slider for example, does not have the same effect.

And isn’t that the issue - black slider affects the overall image more than the others?

Observe the histogram when moving the individual sliders (from highlights to blacks). Can you not see the difference there?

The structure effect gets hard to see … at -100%
and the step wedge demonstrates the luminosity shift.

Did you try this?

Had a quick look into older versions.

The slider in question (Global adjustment → Structure → Black)
is not present in SilverEfexPro 2 (Nik 3.3)

but in SilverEfexPro 3 (Nik 5.x).

Must have been added ‘on the road’ – no idea if by mistake or intentionally.
( it doesn’t seem to be used in presets & film simulations )

In Nik 6.9 it shifts the luminosity similar to this Brightness slider …


skip the ‘new’ Black slider or create a support ticket as suggested by @underexposed

Hi, everyone,

I opened a ticket with DXO and their response is: this is the expected behavior.
As a software developer myself, I have to admit that this is not the kind of answer I can accept. Jokingly, I asked them if I should open a ticket for the other 3 sliders, which were behaving abnormally.