Silver efx not returning edited image to PS

Just installed the update to Nik Collection 4
Silver Efx does not return the image to Photoshop -
It shows that it executed in the history panel but does not alter the image

Yup. Same problem, though latest 4.08 release crashes before I get that far!

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Found a work around - though not to its performance issues:

Launch Silver Efex Pro 3 from PS 2021 using File/Automate/Nik Selective Tool… NOT from the Filter menu which doesn’t seem to not return anything to PS, or I’m my case usually crashes.

Yes - I figured that out yesterday and didn’t know how to add to my own post so I created another one.

Thanks for that work around.

I was happy the update fixed the issue I was having with Color Efex only to find Silver Efex was crashing.

Windows 10 & Photoshop here…
Silver Efex from Filter menu launches ok, works ok but applying and exiting to PS doesn’t update the image.
I do see a new layer though
Analogue Efex is ok
Silver Efex from Selective tool is ok as well