Silver Efex Pro looses camera settings

Using version 2.5 of Silver Efex Pro & PL3.2 and saving a tiff in SEP the camera settings are then no more in the tiff.

This might be a bug. Or do I have something wrong in my settings?

Welcome, @tonan! I agree it’s a bug. I lose lens EXIF info in TIFFs passed through Color Efex Pro and possibly other Nik tools. I’d love to see all of this fixed ASAP - it’s more than a minor nuisance.

Thanks Greg. Yes, I’d like to see this fix very soon!

Me too. this has been a longstanding issue with the Nik-collection

Yes, you’re right. Files processed with either NIK application no longer have any indication of the lens and the optical module. It’s not really serious, but it bothers because we didn’t replace the lens to process a file with Silver Efex or other NIK app.

and the moment you start searching within DXO based on Exif the Nik-treated files do not appear.