Silver Efex Pro Control Points missing sliders

MacOS 12.4 on 2019 Macbook.

When launched from Ps, Lr, or stand alone, a control point has only one slider for the size of the circle. All other sliders are missing.

I see a lot of recommendations to reinstall, as a software developer myself, that seems a waste of time, as each install from the same installer should do the same thing. If this is the recommendation, please explain why one expects different results. I can only imagine different results if uninstall leaves data on the file system and it affects the installer, which would be very very bad behavior.

During install, Lr and Ps were not running. Both integrations work fine.

A side note, when running stand alone, if Lr is running, it enters Lr mode, and it should only do so when launched. It is probably just looking for the running app, and that is not good behavior, as one does not want to exit Lr to use it stand alone.

On a Mac, Nik uninstall leaves a lot of items behind. Whether they interfere with the installer, I cannot say.

In the latest version of Silver Efex Pro the sliders are no longer on the screen, Instead they are in the right hand panel…