Silver Efex Pro - A Missed Opportunity

Dear DXO team, somewhere along the line of the development of the new Nick Collection 3 and in particular Silver Efex Pro a brainstorm or a Zoom meeting took the wrong turn. I find it incomprehensible that the unique point of difference between Nick Collection and other similar applications has now been smothered and turned into no more than a sphere of influence adjuster. Perhaps this was led by marketing needs. Perhaps to acquire a wider audience who perhaps are compering Nick Collection with other applications most of which look and feel pretty much the same. This is my view is a failure to lead and educate, which of course is a harder task. I cannot argue with the need to increase revenue and profit and if that is what has driven this change then at the very least the brand should accommodate the needs of many current users who rely on the localized adjustability by perhaps offering a Classic/Legacy version. That said I find it disappointing that the path of customisation was not chosen as the perfect solution for accommodating both ends of the user spectrum. It cannot be beyond the capabilities of your organisation to make the U point vane customisable by the ability to designate a number of sliders which are simply controlled locally, rather than from the side panel. Perhaps it is simplistic to think that whilst all the new code and technology resides within the side panel the command cannot also be driven from the U point vane. A dual hydraulic helm arrangement so to speak available on many yachts to coin an analogy. One engine, one rudder, two helm points. It could’ve been a real game changer and a leap ahead of others. On the one hand attracting those who wish to use a’ me to’ solution and on the other creating a real tool for the rest of us. Feel free to steal this idea for you next brainstorm. I wish you the best but at the moment the changes you made are costing me valuable time and increased physical effort by hunting the sliders which are way out of my operating field of vision.