Silver Efex Pro 3 is a mess!

Hi, I have now received a link to download the older version ( which I had paid for) but it asks for the activation code which I used to have with the old invoices stored in my DXO account … but THEY HAVE DELETED THEM… so I am back to begging for the codes which I already own???

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I appreciate your frustration. I respectfully suggest that in the future when you purchase and download any software that you save the downloaded installation files in a safe location on your computer and also keep copies of the activation codes in a safe location. Never count on software companies to provide you with downloads and activation codes for older versions of their software.


yes sure ill keep this in mind

I have and they did send me a link to the older version which downloaded fine and is visible via the Photo lab but the activation code either is not accepted or when it is it says my internet connection needs checking which is totally erroneous because if i click on buy as a way of these connection it takes me to the buy now DXO page…any suggestions of how i could possibly jump over this last hurdle? I have raised two tickets already but there is silence coming back

Experiencing the same here! working om a Mac Pro 2019, 28 Core and 1,5TB RAM. Even those specs make me wait for seconds before I see a slider change render. Unbelievable. It all worked smooth in previous versions on my Mac Pro 2013. How could they possibly bring NK4 on the market with big issues???


I appreciate your comment. At the same time, I suggest you share your experience with the support team. IMHO this is the only way we have a chance to be heard and lead to improvements:
Thank you!

The update arrived today. It remains awful. I hate just about every single thing they have done to this one great plug-in. I am sorry I bought this. I wish I could get the previous version of Nik Collection. It was so much better. I will also be writing Photoshop User Magazine who have this a glowing review. I’m curious if they even used this product before reviewing it. This is a disgrace.


I installed the new update today. The new interface remains awful. The layout is difficult to navigate and not nearly as efficient as the previous version. Silver Efex Pro 3 edges can not be turned off. The option is there to turn them off but they automatically turn themselves back on again! This was a program I used to rely on. It is now unusable. What a huge disappointment.

I did contact the support team but they keep very silent. Unbelievable. I’ll contact them again.
Hopefully they listen to all our complaints.


I could not agree more!!! A total waste of development… anyway I managed to get a link from them to install the old version I will try and post it here by Monday… BUT you may need your old code or beg them to send you a fresh one. The latest codes do not work even if you have paid…. I am back on Photolab Elite with the old NIK on a brand new MAC BOOK PRO and so far everything is it should be. Adjustments work instantly and sliders do their thing Lets hope they learn something… btw You Tube has gone silent with tutorials apart from die hard ambassadors banging on how wonderful it all is… NOT …


And the labeling of the tools is still practically impossible to read because of the lack of contrast…

…in stark opposition to the labeling of the presets in the left control panel.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-30 um 16.55.21


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If you agree, please vote:

Sorry, readability is not a problem on my monitor

Please see my answer here:

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@klick You are absolutely right. I missed that completely. I have now voted for this change.


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I found my old installer and authorization. I am back on the old versions and much happier. I will think twice before I purchase another upgrade from DxO. The plugins are wonderful but the new interface is horrible and their engineering department is obviously not capable of doing the job.


Well done. I totally agree :ok_hand:

Has anyone heard from DxO support or have they just totally stopped responding to problems and questions?

I’ve tried to contact support again - twice - just to find out what’s going on with the issues I reported and still no response. This lack of communication and not having a working version of Nik Collection 4 two months after purchasing is appalling

As there are so many issues I’m really surprised that they’re still selling and promoting this release on their website - they may need to the cashflow now, but upsetting lots of customers now means that they’ll buy another product later…

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I am here in Austria and I guess I communicate with German support when I have a concern. The answers always come within 3-4 days. I assume that the English speaking support is responsible for, so to speak, the rest of the world. With the current problems with the Nik Collection, I imagine that the support is helplessly overwhelmed.

DXO and most of their support staff are located in France. Some of them are multilingual. They have some support people in a few other countries, but I believe that for the most part their support comes from within France.