Silver Efex Pro 3 - I want to go back to Efex 2!

I am very disappointed with Pro 3 and I would much prefer to be able to revert back to Siver Efex 2 and get a refund for the upgrade charge that I paid. I have also been disappointed with DXO support in that they ultimately admitted that a key functionality in Efex 2 had not been retained in Pro 2. Now for over 3 weeks they have not responded to my request to be able to revert back to Efex 2.


Hello Ken,
what key functionality has not been retained?


I’m fairly confident he’s referring to the change in the way U-points are implemented in SEP 3, but there maty be other issues that are disappointing him as well. He, like many users, probably did not see, or ignored, the warning about overlaying the current version of the Nik Collection on his computer and was not prepared to restore the previous version with the original downloaded installation file for Nik Collection 3. Unfortunately, many, if not most computer users don’t retain installation files for the software they install. It can be a hard lesson to learn since DxO probably won’t give him access to the Nik 3 installation files if he doesn’t already have them.


I have the same request – to go back to SEP2, for the exact reasons Mark identified. If someone can point me to a safe location to download the install files for Nik collection 3 that would be appreciated. W/o this I’ll have to find a different tool to get the effect I need. I just sent a message to customer support but have little faith they will respond with any positive news. I do not care about refunding the upgrade fee.