Silver efex crashing constantly

new build of silver efex crashing constantly?
Anyone else having this issue?
Frustrating!! Paid for upgrade only to have ‘disk full error’. So then they release a new build (surely they would check this stuff before releasing? Are the developers embarrassed? I would be) and now it crashes everytime I use it. Pissed off

Of course it’s embarrassing. But releasing problem-free software isn’t so simple to do.

Can you provide some details about your platform? For instance, Mac or Win? And have you opened a support ticket?

Greg- thanks for your reply. Yes I am sure releasing software is a hugely complicated thing, I apologize for my frustrated tone earlier but I am working under deadline usually and I just need things to work and the time taken to fill out a bunch of questions and submit a ticket and then wait for a response is not really practical. But thanks
I am on macOS Mojave
Opening Silver Efex from inside photoshop seems to crash a lot. Doesn’t happen all the time, but happened 3 times in a row this morning when I was under pressure to get work out
I have the latest build of Nik (after upgrading and then finding a big problem with ‘disk full’ error and then waiting for the new build)
I will continue to monitor and if it continues to happen will open a ticket