Silver Efex and Viveza don't open as a plugin

Both Viveza 3 and Silver Efex 3 will not open as a plugin in Photoshop anymore.
I never had any problems with it but somehow it stop working directly from Photoshop recently.
Only they Viveza and Silver Efex are affected. All other DXO/NIK plugins open directly in Photoshop. Everything works standalone but thats a workflow i do not want.
Downloaded again today and reinstalled multiple times. It does not matter if i run Photoshop through Rosetta or not, no change.

MAC Mini M1, Montery 12.3.1, latest Photoshop 23.3.1 and latest NIK collection 4.

Same here - although I use a PC with WIN 8.1.
Support sent me a file to log the problem, since that they are working on it.
I went back to Nik 4.3.2 which was the last version that works (4.3.3 and 4.3.4 are not working with those two programs).
I wait and see how and when they solve it.

I stopped trying to solve this issue. Support team issued a clean up tool which is to be used after deinstalling nik collection. But it still didn’t work. So I stay with NK 4.3.2 (last working version) until I replace my computer in early 2023 (then taking the last NK version).