Silver Efex 4.3.4 crashes

I have continuous issues with Silver Efex Pro in version 4. A software that have been like a tank for many years. Apart from the sometimes glitching GUI, i have more severe issues with crashes.

I have analysed it, and it seems to be a problem with the size of the picture. When it crashes, i go back to Lightroom and adjust the size of the picture, we are talking about a pixel or two. Then suddenly everything works out just fine.

Since i usually send a series of pictures over to the software, it is extremely annoying when this happens on picture 4 out of 6 as example. As of now, i can not batch edit pictures, which slows my whole process down severely.

NIK collection team - i rea send over the crash logs, do you read them or should i stop sending them?

// Olof