Silly question but how do I access Film Pack 5 in PhotoLab 2?

Today I bought the upgrade for PhotoLab from my previous version 1. This is the Elite version of PhotoLab 2. With DXO’s sale on today, I thought I’d also buy Film Pack 5 (only the Essential version). My main aim is to use FIlm Pack 5 from within PL2. However, I can’t see where I would find the Film Pack controls in PhotoLab.

Am I missing something? I just want to play around with some of the film effects they have.

I looked up the user manual but it mention Optics Pro which I believe is quite old now. A quick check on YouTube only has videos that are ads or videos dating back to 2015.

Hello Mark (@lightfirecreative ),

To see the Filmpack features in your PL you need to put your key like this:

As soon as you activate it you will see the additional palette called DxO FilmPack.

And if you select DxO PhotoLab online help from the HELP menu or just press F1 you’ll be redirected to a proper manual.

Svetlana G.

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OK, thanks. I didn’t want to activate until I was sure the Film Pack did what I wanted as DXO’s return policy says they’ll allow returns as long as the product isn’t activated.

After activating using my product key, yes it has integrated into Photo Lab 2.

Thank you for your assistance.

You are welcome :wink:

I just ended up buying the Elite Edition upgrade to get more features.


That’s great! :+1:

I bought the Elite edition too, it’s really worth it especially if you run Film Pack as standalone with a RAW file.

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Does anyone know what the new library feature is? I have zero interest in a Lightroom style catalog. I prefer to catalog my photos myself LiteBlue.

At this point the library feature is primarily an indexed search function rather than a catalog function. Hard to say what the future will be.