Sigma Foveon sensor simulations

the Sigma SD Quattro is a slow and power hungry camera that produces enormous raw files that must be processed by Sigma dedicated software.
However, the pictures often have gorgeous colours. I suspect that Sigma somehow cheats, considering the differences between the “standard” and “neutral” color mode. Consider that this camera is an artist :slight_smile:
Older Sigma cameras with older Foveon sensors may have even more interesting colours.

I tried to reproduce these colours with an ICC profile and got an ugly result. Considering that my process worked with other cameras (old CCD 4/3 cameras, Sony A7…) I suspect that Sigma colours cannot be reproduced that way.
Having that in Filmpack would be great. I’m ready to help.

No, they can’t be reproduced, as simple as that, you also cannot fill 95 octane petrol in a diesel engine and expect it to run as smooth. A Bayer pattern is no Foveon pattern, DxO already struggled with Fuji’s X-Trans patterns. Either you use the Sigma software or switch your Quattro to DNG-RAW - which would give you double the X3F files size and still it won’t be readable by DxO.

Iridient developer does a pretty good job on the old dp Merrill files, but as Foveon was doomed to be a sensor only usable in bright light or with tripod, the developer decided to not go the quattro path. At least not the native Quattro RAW, but contrary to DxO PL Iridient supports its DNG, as well as CaptureOne. As a little personal side note… no, any remarks about appropriate brain.simulation might not be too welcome.

I didn’t ask X3F support in DxO Photolab, I asked if it was possible to get a simulation of Foveon colours in FilmPack.