Sigma F2.8 24-70mm EX DG for Pentax dslr not supported

I just got a Sigma F2.8 24-70mm EX DG for my Pentax dslr. I was very disappointed that this classic and still widely used lens is not supported by DxO. After having had to wait several years for the profile for the 55-300mm PLM WR from Pentax, I find the omission of another lens version for Pentax very annoying. The free RawTherapee removes the color fringes from the lens excellently and completely automatically. Likewise Adobe’s RAW converter. But not DxO.

Hi, Tom. Have you already visited the following web page and requested support for your camera and lens?

Supported Cameras - DxO

Searching supported lenses on this page shows that there are optics modules for this lens with some Pentax camera bodies. Which Pentax camera are you using?

I’m using the Pentax K-70 and K-3 II. I can’t find this lens in the list, only versions with integrated AF-drive for other brands. DxO Photolab 4,x doesn’t offer a download for my lens when it displays the raw-files.

I just checked from inside the program (v4.3.1 build 4595) the Sigma 24-70 f’2.8 IF EX DG HSM is supported for both the K-70 and the K-3 II. Is this the lens you have or do you have a different version?


Good question, Larry. My lens has no HSM and no internal focusing. I assumed that Sigma never built an HSM version of the lens with a Pentax-K mount. I also never ran into one or saw one on the second-hand market. But actually describes a HSM-version for Pentax.

Nevertheless, I find it regrettable that DxO does not offer a profile for this lens, which is still widely used, and which is an inexpensive alternative to today’s very expensive lenses of this type.

I added it to the suggested lenses. If DxO need this lens for tests, I can borrow them mine for a while.