Sigma 60-600 DG HSM OS Sport plus Sigma TC-1401 on Nikon D850

I replaced my stolen Sigma 150-600 Sport with a Sigma 60-600 Sport. I do use a Sigma TC-1401 with this lens on a gripped Nikon D850. I noticed that the new images do not recognize nor have an optics module for this setup. PLEASE ADD ONE as I need the detail correction sliders that only are available if DxO has an optics module for the combination in use. Note that the Sigma 150-600 Sport plus Sigma TC-1401 plus Nikon D850 is supported. In PL5E, the 60-600 Sport plus TC-1401 is reported as 60-600 times 1.4 as a “single” lens – no DxO optics module.

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