Sierra / High Sierra

Just re-upped PL2 (to PL3) and downloaded and installed the new image.

You can’t use this version of the application “DxO PhotoLab” with this version of macOS. You Have macOS 10.12.6. The application requires macOS 10.13 or later.

ARRRGGGHH!! Was this mentioned anywhere?

An OS upgrade is in the works here but I had not planned on doing it for another month or so when I had time.

Is this mentioned on the PL3 page? I didn’t see it when I checked again.

Crap. Just … crap.

I am currently running PL3 under High Sierra without any problems.

10.12 is Sierra, which is not supported. See the release notes

Yes that’s just it. Maybe I wasn’t clear … I am running Sierra (“Low” Sierra lol) and am now forced into an unwanted OS upgrade, and all the headaches that come with that.

But thanks for the heads-up on HS and the knowledge that the experience will not be difficult once migrated.

Upgrading to High Sierra shouldn’t prove too problematic.

Ha ha … You free this weekend? Come on over! lol

I get queasy thinking about any OS upgrade, but thanks for your confidence.

Just check before jumping

Yes, on the main page system requirement.

I’ve been running DPL3 on High Sierra without issues and now run it on Mojave on my new iMac.

HS still supports hfs+ on hard disks, the newer apfs seems to be better suited for ssd machines. Be sure to have a backup before you upgrade - or a clone or two.

Yes I see that now. It did not appear on the upgrade page, though there was a link on there to technical requirements.

Anyway I’ve moved to High Sierra and most everything looks ok at the moment.