Sidecar with Apple Pencil for fine adjustments

Use sidecar with an iPad to allow for precise pencil-based local adjustments with direct preview on the main screen of the Mac.

Mutliscreen and pencils are supported according to today’s DPReview test of PL4.

Can someone who has a Mac + iPad + Apple Pencil tell us how PL4 behave in sidecar mode? Thanks.

really??? I’ll try and let you guys know.

Thank you for this. We’re curious :slight_smile:

First test completed tonight: in the first step it worked, but only when using simple sliders. The moment I tried to use the local adjustment, DXO froze. It seemed it didn’t cope with two finger tap - I was trying to right click. Can I call the local adjustment wheel using a different mechanism?
I can’t restart my computer to eliminate the doubt of some issue there (doing a long BD-R pictures backup) until tomorrow.
…Still, while it worked, it was a dream, even with the tiny 12.9 inch screen.
Will let you know in a couple of days again - maybe I’ll post a YT video…

BTW, there was no preview on the big screen or on the Mac though. Just normal sidecar behaviour. My idea was to do the adjustments there like it’s done now in sidecar, but on the big 27inch screen to see the complete preview of the picture. PL is quite stingy with regards to running computations, it underestimates the power of the computer. I have the latest maxed out MacBook Pro… It should handle whatever you through at him (noise reduction, sharpening, etc. where PL deem it too expensive to calculate it in full).

Thanks a lot for sharing!