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Before I come to my feature request I have to tell in which way I work

I have created a user palette with the most settings i normally use.
Sometimes i have also to use settings from standard palettes for example “film pack” and/or
“view point”
If I stop working at the photo and come back weeks later, because of my age I don’t remember all the settings :thinking:
My user palette is always expanded and I can see all the active settings marked. To be sure that I haven’t made settings in standard palettes I have to expand and close all. Because there is no solo mode of the palettes like in LR, it’s a lot of clicks.

My first request ist to implement a button which brings all settings in a seperate, moveable window.
My second request I asked weeks ago is the Solo Mode in DXO

Thanks a lot

It’s a good idea but it must be an option.
There was already a discussion here

Hi Franky,
haven’t made a search before …sorry.
I noticed now that the request was closed Jan19…today is mid 20.

Do you have any idea how to force it?

And yes it must be optional.


No, but a good first step would be to vote for your request…

Normally I don’t vote for my own request, that’s part of my education :grin:

But done now :+1:

Sounds as a request for a visible history list. That would be nice.


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