Show mask outlines instead of filled masks while masks are dragged

I could not find it by fast scanning through several posts. Did someone mentioned the idea to show the mask outlines instead of semi transparent masks, while masks are moved? This would especially be useful in the clone tool while dragging the source mask to see what happens at the target. I know that you can hide the mask by moving the mouse out of canvas, this is not the same use case.


+1 for your proposal

Hi Asser - - If this was in the “Which feature do you need?” section then we could vote for it.

John M

great idea!
You see much more what your doing. now it’s more like looking through fogged glasses trying to get a streng through a needle hole. :woozy_face:
(Or heaving your readingglasses on your forhead forgetting you getting old and try without the eye help… getting old and worn out…:cry:)

Hello guys,

First, I’ve converted it to a request. Moreover we have such a task in the backlog but I can’t tell you anything about the timeframe.

Svetlana G.

Then the problem is the effect is changing also

@Asser, @platypus & @OXiDant … Now we can vote for this suggestion.


Hi everyone

Thanks for the suggestion, but indeed, it’s already in our backlog and we intend to have it implemented soon.
The feature won’t be only on drag, but constant, replacing the masks that aren’t the best solution at the moment.

I’ll close this topic and release the vote

The DxO Team