Show keywords for all selected images


Currently, you select an image and the keywords are displayed, you select a 2nd image the keywords not present in it are grayed out but the keywords of this image are not displayed.
It would be good, if we could visualize all the keywords of the selected images and put in gray those which are not used in all these images.
This makes it possible to make changes to several images at the same time.

You mean like this?…

All 215 images in the folder hierarchy starting from Puns Hir are selected and all keywords from any files that contain them are shown in the keywords box.

I would like all the keywords of selected images to appear and those that are not common to all images are grayed out.

Cool idea, I voted. But as the devil’s in the detail:

How to avoid the maximum amount of displayed keywords with grey and white ones to be assigned on all images, so that all selected images at the end have every single keyowrd of the group? I tried that with Excire and the result really is not always predictable. Especially when I need to remove assigned keywords. Syncronizing them appears to be a dark art…

If the keyword is white, it is attributed to all selected images, if it is gray it is only attributed some images.
Currently by making a right click on a grayed keyword we can attribute to all selected images.

That would work. I imagine:

Common keywords assigned, now I need specific keywords for only few of the selected images. If that right-click would allow me to tick the appropriate keywords used in the selection for each image separately, it could be a benefit.

If I understand well this, for me, on Mac, it’s already working like that: I select one image with 3 keywords displayed, then another image with 2 commons keywords, one new and one from first image not in. I have the 4 keywords, 2 as commons and 2 in gray which are not in all images.
Keywords with one image:
Capture d’écran 2023-02-27 à 15.07.52

Keywords with the 2 images:
Capture d’écran 2023-02-27 à 15.08.06

@Pathal yes that’s how I imagined it works.
In my case, I have:
selected image 1
selected image 2
selected images 1 and 2
selected images 2 and 1

Can a Windows user confirm this ?

How do you roll back mistakes you might do with these batch updates?

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In my case, I use this on a limited number of images, ie on a single folder, then it’s quite easy to roll-back if needed, but until now no specific issue.

I think I make less error by visualizing all the keywords present in my selection than with invisible keywords.
I work by folder, but it’s the same thing for each changes made on several images.

In Photo Mechanic there is a possibility to “Replace” or “Add”. So, Add vill keep the integrity of already present keywords and “Replace” will wipe all the present keywords and replace them with whatever I decide to put there instead. There are just two check boxes and easy to forget to change. I have made a few mistakes both with PM and even more with FotoWare Fotostation forms. In PM I haven´t found any safety net and I wonder if the history can be of any help in Photolab since it´s “Image centered” and I guess can´t handle cases like this. You can´t roll back a batch update in a SQL database either just transactions.

The only way seems to be making a backup before one starts to batch update.

The problem is still there with the V6.8 update today, the list of keywords is different depending on the order of selection of images.

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This should be called UNDO !!!

The problem is still there with the V6.9 update today, the list of keywords is different depending on the order of selection of images.

I consider it as a bug, we should always have the same result whatever the order of selection of images.