Show file name

Has nobody realised this?

When you’re working on a picture, PL3 doesn’t show the file name anywhere on the screen. The “meta data” box always shows the camera name, author and copy, things that I rarely change.

But no file name, which makes it difficult to compare very similar shots of a scene.

On a Mac, the title bar of the window shows the file name

The filename is displayed above the toolbar at the upper edge of the window.

The filename is also just below the thumbnail in the filmstrip.

As for comparing: It would be nice to be able to see more than one big preview at once.

I tend to export the files to jpeg, then use Finder to show them together

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You can also use “Show input file in Windows Explorer” (from the Image menu item)

John M

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…one possibility indeed, but it would still be nice to get it within DPL :wink:

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Not a bad idea, but in my Windows 10x64 version the filename is displayed in two places, when I hover over the image in three places.

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Oh yes, very old request for my part.
It is to believe that DxO staf uses only Mac machines :frowning:

Don’t know if it is enough for you : filename is shown on thumbs on the strip at the bottom if you choose it in preferences

Non, because my image browser is on a second screen and the photo name miss me on the work screen.
There is a great place where to mention in on the top :wink:

yes, the filename is displayed in different places, but not if you are editing an image and therefor only the edit mode is shown. And this is the request of roseblood11 - an I fully agree.