Show developed picture does not work anymore in v3.1 (or 3.x.x)

I used this menu entry to guide me to view the developed image but the entry stays grayed out if I export/develop in V3.x (currently 3.1 installed).

Did anybody else experience the same?

Can you be more explicit ?

In PL 2 I could (on my Windows 10 v1909 system)

  • export images
  • then on an image which got it’s check mark right click on the image in the image bar
  • then select Open output images with
  • then I could select my Faststone image viewer and I could view the exported image
    I could also do the same by for example exporting an TIFF file and starting another propgram like Denoise AI or L4.

On current version (and also on V3.0.3) it just says No processed image to open!

OK. I never used this feature.
Don’t works with PL2 and PL3. Works with DOP11 and PL1.


Hello Franz,
Can you recheck it? try to export image to disk again and “Open output image with”
Because i cannot reproduce the issue on my side (here is GIF file)

I can readily reproduce it on my installation - - PL 3.1 on Win10

John M

Same here. “No processed image to output”. I didn’t realise this option existed, but now I know it’s there, I would use it - IF it worked!

I expect this would be an easy bug to fix.

Same here nothing come up in windows.

Working fine with 3.1, win 10 1909 here. Could it be a setting in win10 stopping PL from ‘seeing’ other apps?

On Mac here, so a bit off topic. Also didn’t know about this and on Mac it even just doesn’t exist. Only “Show output images in finder.”

I checked again, both on my desktop and on the laptop, and nothing just `No processed image to open!
Is there any setting in windows which I could change?
I do not know any of them :frowning:

I have the option, just doesn’t do anything.

Are you outputting the processed image to the same disk?

Aha - Yes … That’s what it is !

This feature assumes the result from processed image is in the same folder as the processed image - - It is not aware of the export being directed to another folder … which makes this function rather pointless.

John M

Happy days!!

Oh yes, the subfolder!
But I used my export setting already since Photolab 1 with ./jpg/ sub folder and it just stopped working recently!