"Show clipped highlights/shadows"

It would be nice if there was a function, either by button or by View menu, to show clipped highlights and clipped shadows (separately) perhaps also clipped colors.

I know it exists, I use it in Affinity Photo’s Develop persona. I only use that for raw development for some raw files I can’t open in DxO, usually DNG’s from a 360 cam. The feature is very helpful and I think can improve acuracy in DxO as well.

regards, Frank

they are in the histogram panel *bottom left
and there is shortcut for them


*left is Windows OS and right is MAC OS


Oh! I stand corrected! Could not find them before. Thanks!

regards, Frank

I should have known that - but I didn’t !! … Thanks, Mike. :smiley:

John M

I think it was @uncoy that made a thread with some shortcut.
I made a list of PL shortcut in “notes” because some are hard to find.

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On my Mac it is Shift + W/B, not A and B.

Thanks for that, I didn’t double check them all yet.

Well… seem that DxO need to update their shortcut list :face_with_monocle:
You can find the list here but seem some are missing the addition of cmd or shift with the letter.

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