Should I upgrade?


I already own DXO NIK V1 and DXOP Photolab Elite v2

What would I gain by upgrading to Nik V2?

I don’t have (or will get in the near future) a 4K monitor and I don’t really use presets much. Would upgrading give me anything?

Many thanks


Why upgrade if you can do the things you want and are happy about it?

You can download the trial and see if you like it.

Good point platypus.

My real question is (other than 4K support and presets) would the upgrade give me anything? I read that it allows NIK to be applied to RAW files. Currently, if I hit the NIK button in DXO Photo Lab 2 it creates a TIFF, which NIK then operates on.

Does the upgrade do that as well, or is NIK working on the RAW image?


No, it does not. The Nik apps only work on RGB (jpeg, tiff) image files.

Some may say yes, some may say no and only you can decide - with a trial install.

As for myself, I use the Nike only rarely and mostly for monochrome conversions.

Here you can read what have been done for V2

If you don’t have any issue running the version you have, I’d say wait for the next one, maybe next update will bring a difference. You can read in Nik thread to see people opinion regarding the last update.

I’m not currently a NIK user. But based on your description, I’d say wait for v3

Be careful if you have the dxo free version installed, it overwrites that one if you instal the trial v2.(ive read here and there.)
So keep the installer software for the free version safe.:grin:

…or download it from your account in DxO’s shop…

Is the free nikcollection version still available on the dxo site?

I was in the assumption that after the payed version release they blokked that possibility.

Coming back to the original question: Should you upgrade?

Again: If you can do what you need and want: Stick to what you have.