Should I update to version 5.13?

I haven’t been able to do any photography for well over a year now, but am getting back into it. I am using Photolab which was current around the start of 2022 and have just been prompted to download version 5.13. Should I bother? Have I maybe missed something significant? My cameras are the same as before - Fuji X100, original version and still very good, and Canon 70D.

Other than some new gear supported, which you don’t seem to need, 5.13 (assuming you have 5.12) just included “minor bug fixes and improvements,” which DxO says about every minor version update, although on some others, they are more specific, which makes it sound like 5.13’s bug fixes were minor indeed:

The PL5 version you do have installed shows up on the splash screen in small print when you start up PL5; if it’s, say, 5.6 rather than 5.12, I’d definitely go for it. If you’re on 5.12… shrug? I typically install the latest version I’m entitled to unless there’s a good reason not to, and there isn’t with 5.13. At least after installing 5.13, you won’t keep getting prompted to update it.

Thanks for the advice. I will update. I can’t check at the moment, but. I think that my last update was to version 5.2

Before you proceed, make a DPL database backup. If you have not kept the old installer, proceed.

  • On Mac, you could duplicate the DPL app and then update the original.
    This will allow you to use both versions (one at a time) and see if you want to delete the old version after a while.

  • On Win, YMMV.

As you can see on the PL5 update history page linked above, a number of bugs were squashed, and performance was boosted, between 5.2 and 5.13, so that update should be helpful and worth the effort.

Thanks for your advice.