Should I turn off lens compensations off in Sony?

As title says, I have a Sony A7 IV and Tamron 17-28 f2.8 lens. Sony provides 3 lens compation options when I’m in photo mode:

-Shading Compensation
-Chromatic Aberration Compensation
-Distortion Compensation

Since PureRaw also fixes same things, would it make my image worse to fix the same issue several times, first by camera and then PureRAW?

I’m already leaning towards turning Distortion Compensation off because my camera crops a little bit when it’s on, and then PureRaw also crops it without checking whether my camera fixed it or not.

Maybe it should have been better if there was a way for PureRaw to tell if some of the fixes are redundant because they were already fixed in-camera so we don’t waste time or worsen image quality, appling same fixes…

Optical corrections are usually applied in camera to previews only. Raw data is left as is, no matter how OC is set in camera. That being said, some posts say that Sony bakes corrections into their raw files. Whether this is the case or not can easily be tested. Switch off all optical corrections in PureRaw and check for colour fringes around high contrast edges and darkened image corners.

Please check files with different apps too. Some display built-in previews, others render what’s in raw data.

Crop behaviour can be set in PureRaw. Try all options to see what they do - or check out the manual at

I provided a proof ( raw files ) , so it is a fact - more so a fact well known for more than a decade

Here is what Sony had to say in 2019: `Lens Compensation is an in-camera optical correction feature. It comes with three options: Shading, Chromatic aberration and Distortion. When these functions are activated in the setup menu, the camera will attempt to reduce the effects based on the profiles of some Sony® lenses.

Shading: Compensates for the shaded corners of the screen.
Chromatic Aberration: Reduces the color deviation at the corners of the screen.
Distortion: Compensates for the distortion of the screen.

Even though lens compensation will be applied to the JPEG file when shooting in RAW+JPEG, the RAW file remains uncompensated.
Use the Sony Image Data Converter if you want the corrections to be applied to the RAW file. The converted files can then be saved as lossless TIFF or as easy to handle JPEG file. Third party RAW converters might not be able to apply the corrections to the RAW file.`
Source: What is Lens Compensation and which lenses are compatible with this feature? | Sony USA

According to the following, the situation is grey rather than black and white, some compensations being applied, but not others.

It looks like there can be differences between what Sony and others write. Sure, both texts are relatively old and policies might have changed with newer firmware which makes me conclude that individual combos of camera models and firmware of body and lens can deliver compensated raw files while other combos don’t.

it is BLACK and WHITE = I posted raw files (A7R2) AND switching vignetting compensation to AUTO instead of OFF does affect raw data, anybody is welcome to “rawdigger” the raw files…

DxO does not provide separate modules for this case and apparently has no idea about this - which brings a legitimate question yet again about claims related bespoke testing and unmatched quality ( rather it proves yet again that they actually do NOT do the relevant testing for all cases - just for some selected case where the results might be indeed bespoke and unmatched and for the rest it is just copy-paste which may or may not result in the quality implied , hopefully it does )

and you did not read what diglloyd wrote… he wrote = “If you use vignetting lens correction in the A7s that correction is baked into the raw file”… what was GREY in “correction is baked into the raw file” statement ?

there are might be a lens so well corrected that Sony does not need to modify raw files at all indeed or just starting from specific aperture value down, etc, etc – but that is for DxO to find out for each camera/lens combo at each aperture value and for each focal length and for each focusing distance range ( isn’t that assurance is what customers are being sold by marketing ? the bespoke testing of each and every ) and they did not

…and that is well done from your side, but does it guarantee that all bodies, firmware versions and lenses do the same?

We can’t be sure, therefore I proposed that the cases be tested individually.

sure as noted already there might be combo with lenses when it does not happen - but the fact is Sony does modify RAW is established and was established a long time ago ( vs DxO support statement that Sony does NOT )

and then goes the need to actually test them ALL which DxO clearly does not do - that is established too

and what DxO was doing all those years the question ?