Shortcuts for Pick/Reject

So I just noticed that the arrows keys let me traverse through the images in the Image Browser. Great!

Why would I want to do that? I take a lot of photos of birds. Typically, I want to step through the images and reject all the ones that are out of focus or whatever. The arrows keys turn out to be quite helpful, except—I still need the mouse to finish the job. What’s worse is that I have to locate the image in the browser; since I stepped through the images with the arrow keys, my cursor is nowhere near the current image.

PL also has a habit of highlight both the selected image and the image under the cursor. The highlighting differs just slightly in shade, so to quickly locate the selected image, the easiest way is to move the cursor out of the browser entirely. Once I find the image, I can then move the cursor back to it so that I can locate and press the tiny “Reject” button.

For this particular use case, the arrow keys don’t help a lot. In fact, I found myself more irritated after I found I could use them to step through the image than when I didn’t know it was possible.

I also notice that this forum has a request for entirely user-defined shortcuts. That would be a better solution, assuming one could define shortcuts for Pick/Reject.

Find them in the user manual: Keyboard shortcuts

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Thanks, so I guess they just have to update the Help/Shortcuts feature so its a complete list.

Interesting. I found something that claims its a downloadable version of the PL4 manual. It’s like the Help menu—the Pick/Reject shortcuts are missing.

In the document listed by platypus, the shortcuts for Pick are “7 or Ctrl + 7 or P or Shift + Ctrl + 7 or Shift + P”. Only the combinations with Ctrl and 7 work (the ones that don’t work: 7 and P and Shift + P).

For Reject, the issues are the same, except the magic number is 9. When Shift is added, the action is performed and the focus shifts to the next image—this is undocumented.

I’ve just upgraded to PL v6. Ctl+Shift+7 still works for ‘select’, Ctl+Shift+9 still works for ‘reject’
…and neither of them are listed in help/shortcuts.
C’mon guys, this is a text file modification (multiple files, one for each language), why is this so hard? This is the kind of thing easily delegated to an intern - and long enough ago that I’m getting a “Revive this topic?” from the forum software

And at the same time, modify Customize> Side-By-Side Preview, Ctrl+T is indicated twice.