Shortcut for crop tool?


is there a shortcut e.g. for the crop tool or can I assign one?

Or are these all shortcuts?

I can’t scale this dialog box (Help → Shortcuts) for showing all shortcuts – if there are any…

Hmm …

Thanks, webaschtl

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Hello @webaschtl,

No, there is no shortcut for the Crop tool and bad news - it’s not possible in PL to assign shortcuts by yourselves.

P.S. We have this request in the backlog (a possibility to assign shortcuts).

Svetlana G.


On Mac, it’s possible to use the built-in Keyboard Shortcuts preference pane to add application specific shortcuts. Far more powerful is Keyboard Maestro which will both make shortcuts and allow one to create macros. Looks like you are on Windows. I believe there is similar macro software for Windows.

To learn the PhotoLab shortcuts, remember that PhotoLab is French software so ‘hand’ is ‘le main’ and the shortcut is ‘m’ and not ‘h’. ‘Crop’ is ‘recadrer’ and the shortcut is ‘r’ and not ‘c’.



Yes, I am working on Windows. Und I use Autohotkey if a program do not provide a shortcut or something similar. Therefore this would have been my own solution inside DPL.

By pressing ctrl-R images are Rotated by 90 degree. Pressing only the key R cause no reaction.

Thanks again for your help & explanations!

Assigning shortcuts in Mac is a trivial matter of using keyboard preferences and shortcuts. However, they only apply to items that can be reached through the menus, and virtually none of the PL2 editing options are available thru menus.

For some editing operations, this might not be feasible – e.g. Contrast, Selective Tone, and Smart Lighting. For others, I could see a way that a menu option could be keystroke mapped and would lead to other edit operations.

Just an idea, maybe we will see it in the future.

Nonsense. In the original request, webaschtl asked for a keyboard shortcut for crop. It exists, it’s “r” for récadrer just as the hand tool is “m” for la main.

So again to solve a minor issue (we don’t know what the keyboard shortcuts are), DxO users are suggesting major feature enhancement (a screen to reallocate all the keyboard shortcuts ourselves because Lightroom has that feature) which will bog development of really necessary performance and colour tool improvements. It will also increase many more support requests as users break their keyboard shortcut layouts and cripple their installation of PhotoLab. Frustrating.

Moreover I gave a workaround for allocating the keyboard shortcuts yourself and across all our applications, i.e. no duplication of effort.

In which environment do these shortcuts work, Alec ?
… Not on my Win10 system.

John M

Hi John,

Sorry to miss answering you this summer.

These shortcuts are for Mac. Here’s a full list:

There are very useful keyboard shortcuts which remain undocumented.

I’ll try to grab some more:

Undocumented Main Tools

  • R - crop (récadrer)
  • W - white balance picker (that’s a new one)
  • Y - red eye (yeux: eyes)
  • D - show the image without corrections (deactiver)
  • X - unknown
  • N - repair image (nettoyer - clean)
  • M - hand tool (main - hand) very useful to disable white balance as second press does not disable tools, always one has to be turned on

Documented in Menus

Display Tools

  • C - split preview (very useful)
  • I - gives information on tool in use in top right corner of image
  • G - grid

Palette Navigation

  • F - quick navigation to FilmPack
  • H - quick navigation to Histogram
  • L - quick navigation to Essential tools
  • K - quick navigation to Light group
  • V - quick navigation to Viewpoint
  • T - move/zoom (not sure how this works)

Library Tools

  • 1,2,3,4,5 to rate images

I don’t know which if any of these will work in Windows.

Hope you’re enjoying PhotoLab 3!

In Windows it is often the same key combined with CTRL. See official list here But it misses some that uncoy found like M, R,W and Y.

Great list, did not know about some of them. There is also …

0 - clear the current 1-5 rating
7 - accept
9 - reject
8 - undo an accept or a reject

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A shortcut for the CROP tool is a must, and I believe it would be very easy to implement. Many pictures are cropped, and a shortcut would save valuable seconds, Think about a photographer that needs to go through hundreds of pictures, and this would be a massive saving.

Please implement it.


I have to agree - and reiterate my preference for custom keyboard shortcuts.

But look here for a possible workaround in the meantime (on Windows):