Shift key and scrollwheel finetuning for local adjustments

I find the “hold and drag” function for more precise control hard to use.
This usually results in changing values already since it’s hard to drag horizontally pixel-perfect…
And accidental horizontal movements (while dragging vertically) make the function even harder to use.

I much prefer “hold shift key” for fine tuning.

Using the mouse scrollwheel to change in steps would also help a lot.
(This is already possible with global adjustments after a mouseclick and I use it all the time.)

Hello @Skies,

Please, do not forget to vote for your suggestion by yourself :point_up_2:

Svetlana G.

If the process of adjusting Local Adjustment sliders was consistent with all other slider manipulation within PL then it would be possible to do so using the Arrow-keys … which would be a great help !

John M