Shift+Home/End, doesn't select all images

I’m using 6.12 and just noticed that selecting images using Shift +Home/end doesn’t select all the images to the end. It used to do that and very convenient to do before exporting all images. I’m referring the horizontal image browser bellow the customize page. The Photolibrary page works as intended.



maybe you try

  • Ctrl + A
    to select all, independent from where you start

  • Shift + click on another pic
    to select a group

  • Shift + click on Home(Pos1) / End
    to select backward / forward, choosing from the visible pics

PhotoLab 7.2.0 on Mac does the following:

  • PhotoLibrary view
    → Shift arrow up/down adds images to a selection
    → Shift arrow left/right only moves the focus to the previous/next image
  • Customize view
    → Shift arrow key only moves the focus to a different image,
    modifier keys are ignored or produce an error sound.

Update: Same behaviour in DPL version 4 on Mac.

When did shift +home functionality change? It used to select all pics either left or right of selected pic. At least i think it used to.