Hello, I am new to the Forum and have been a user of DxO Pure Raw for quite some time now. I am an Olympus OMD EM1X/ MKIII user, having previously been Canon. I am primarily a nature photographer, so as you will imagine I am keen to preserve and show fine details in fur, plumage - or hairy insects!
DXO PureRaw 1.5 really does transform 95% plus of my image for the better and in general I am very pleased with the outcome(s). I do find however that the images are sometimes over sharpened, I think I have noticed this phenomenon previously reported.
I am posting to ask:

  1. is there any way I can adjust the sharpening in DXO - I think not, could it become a possibility in the next upgrade.
  2. I use ACR an PSCC following DNG conversion of the ORF could you recommend a suitable method of reducing the initial sharpening attributable to DxO PureRaw e.g. perhaps a little negative Clarity, I would be keen to see what you/others users do to combat over sharpening.

After you have selected “Process photo” click the down arrow after DXO Optical corrections to reveal the panel that lets you turn off Global Lens sharpening and Lens Distortion correction . Sadly no ability yet to select level of adjustment. I turn it off and adjust in Capture One.

Mike, thanks very much for your reply, much appreciated, I’ll give it a whorl!

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