Sharpening on export improved?

I avoided using “bicubic sharper” option when exporting images because it had a tendency to oversharpen, especially foliage or feathers. Recently, however, I noticed that it produces better quality results than before (same material, same camera, same lens). Coincidence, or was the feature improved under the hood?

Indeed there is a new export engine (since DPL1 if I remember).

According to DxO: “The bicubic option provides (slightly) smoother results than bilinear. The bicubic and bilinear options are now better managed to avoid aliasing, making redundant the old options (auto and average).”


Hmm, then it’s not this - I think I noticed an improvement compared with previous versions of DPL2.


Nope, it was improved earlier, no change in comparison with the previous version 2.2.1

Svetlana G.

Huh, I must have missed the improvement then. Silly old me.