Sharpener Pro 3 and Dfine 2 cool "POLTERGEIST" effects - What gives?

So - being extremely happy to see the Nik Collection on sale for 50% off, I quickly bought it. And what the heck did I just buy? Really? I bought the entire addons collection of DxO products (Nik, VP, Filmpack) because of this black friday deal. I mean, is this how these 3 “plugins/modules” are supposed to work? I’m using a Mac Studio with Ventura. I swear, DxO products are so buggy.

these haven’t been retouched by dxo yet, they might be by the next nik collection version. also can be of you using ventura that still have issues with…. many things.

Yes, shame on me for not having done my due diligence. I contacted support for a refund, only to be shown this link. Who in the world would go searching for these little hidden articles/FAQs when purchasing products from a “reputable” developer/business? So because it “technically” runs on M1 with Ventura, no refund will be issued at this time. Haha.

Live and learn…

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technically, if you use PL you don’t really need define and sharpener pro. Second reason, last time they got an update was…. a decade ago or longer? software have came a long way since Dfine 2 and Sharpener pro 2 came out.

well, I use sharpener pro for printing (viewing distance set to auto)

If that is the case, they should either update it or remove it. Leaving it in such a state only gives end users the “appearance” of neglect, uninterested in their own product, lack of expertise to update/code, or simply just something to count in their marketing kit. Take your pick. Like you said, it might have been a decade or so. One of those reasons will fit. :slight_smile:

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DxO didn’t update the entire collection in 1 shot, but like two at a time, so those 2 are what’s left to be updated.
someone can correct me to which one were first and what’s was in the latest. i’m stil on Nik 2.

Same here kualilo …
We are mugs I guess … MacBook Pro M1, Ventura 13.0.1
No refund either as 7 days has expired since purchase :joy: - 7 days of Support !
Not impressed ! No recommendation from me in the next few years ?!

Now I know why it is called Black Friday deals or maybe should be Blue Friday !
ps. Not sure what the Rosetta 2 option is ?

Right click on Dfine2 app and the others that are broken and select “Get Info”. Then check the box that says “Open using Rosetta”. It sucks, but it is what it is. And that is the mindset I now have with DxO. For the money I just spent here in the last 30 days, I could have had 2 years worth of Lr & Ps with 1TB storage OR 4 years of just Lr. Haha. Idiot me, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.