Sharing LUTs!

Hey All,

Several years ago, I started a thread where we could share presets - that was pretty cool. Got some good treatments that I still use today!

Now that PL7 supports LUTs, let’s do what we did with presets! Bring em on, people!

  • Jon

I can honestly say that to my own knowledge I have not used two new functions in Fotolab 7 and that is the LUT-functions and the built in calibration with color checker.

I just don´t get it with LUTs. Not all that user friendly with the total lack of the previews the presets have, so I rather stick with the presets because they are far more efficent to use.

The only LUT-tables I am interested in are the ones for sRGB and Display P3 that are built in to my Benq-monitor. For me even the LUT-concept used in Photolab is confusing since I have reserved it for monitor calibrations.

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It depends on the LUTs in question. Not all LUTs are suitable for still photos, they are far more useful in video where you are collecting clips from many sources and joining them together.
Some of the LUTs that I use are from an IR set by Rob Shea

DXO changed the LUT interface with PL7.6 - probably so that they can sell “premium” LUTs later. Because of this and a couple of other issues, I went back to PL7.5