Sharing library across machines

I am considering switching to DXO as I am unsatisfied with my current software. One feature that is a show stopper for me is to not be able to sync my photo library between my computers using OneDrive and have my edits show up on all devices. Does DXO have the ability to work well in this scenario?


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PL has the ability to store the corrections you’ve done in a separate file called sidecar (.dop). It is created right beside the image you modify. So if you open the same folder in PL on other computer you will see the corrections you’ve done.

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…but keywords will not be visible…

How about putting the database on a shared/cloud drive? That should be possible today in Windows, but not on Mac (unless tweaking the guts out of current settings files)

I have written software that uses a SQLite database. It’s certainly possible to have a cross-platform DB server, but it’s quite an undertaking to make sure that the concurrency is managed correctly, so that, if one person is reading it, another person can’t change what is in the middle of being read.

If it were my choice, I would stick with image and DOP files, both on the server. But, once again, you need to ensure that no more than one person gets to change the files at one time.


It might be useful to change the location of the database (option missing on macOS). But I think it is quite risky to put this one on a shared server because the concurrent accesses are very difficult to manage (and this is not planned by PhotoLab at this stage it seems to me).

The question may arise for cloud drives if they are used as a backup medium, but you must be careful to be the only one to access them.

Regarding the original question, we can put everything on a drive and rely on the sidecar files. This works fine except for the keywords as mentioned by @platypus (so missing feature!).

Doesn’t PL create virtual copies if dop sidecars are modified externally?

Please keep in mind that the OP doesn’t share a directory but useOneDrive!


Back when I used lightroom, I used to keep the picture database on OneDrive and sync it between my computers and that worked great. The programs I have used since then do not use a database for pictures, but only for settings. Since I am the only user on these machines, I would love to be able to sync a settings database between computers as I did with Lightroom.

Thanks for the information!

I use a portable drive for my Landscape Photography and edit on a laptop while I’m on the road. The drive ports perfectly well to DXO Photolab on my desktop when I get back to the office.

  • Yes, true. We do not consider keywords as corrections and they are stored only in DB.

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But it would solve some problems when they’re stored also in the dop file. I know storing them in the raw file will not be done…


So then my follow-up question is this. Since it sounds like the database location can be moved in Windows. Is there any problem with me moving that onto OneDrive and accessing it from both computers like I had done with Lightroom? Since I am the only user of these devices, there isn’t the problem of 2 simultaneous connections to the database causing things to get out of sync. I imagine it would be much like using an external drive that is moved from device to device. I just want to confirm this before I decide about purchasing DXO.


  • Yes, it’s possible:

But I’ve got a suggestion, @danwdoo why don’t you take PL4, run it in a Trial mode (every function is available within a trial period) and play with it for 31 day to see if it’s suit you or not?
You should not pay money without examining the product :wink:

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