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I have DXO PhotoLab 4 on two Windows 10 machines - a laptop and a desktop. All my photos are stored on a network-attached disk. Thus far I have had separate databases on each machine using the default location. Today I started making extensive use of keywords on my desktop, but found they were only visible from that machine and not the laptop. (I tried the indexing facility on my laptop but it seemed to be taking forever so I abandoned. Not sure whether it was broken or just slow).

My Plan B is to store the database on the network disc too, and alter the database location (EDIT/PREFERENCES/GENERAL) on both machines to use this copy.

I’ve given it a little test (using Windows facilities to copy the 4 database files from my desktop to the network disc) and wonderfully I can now see the keywords from my laptop.

Is there any downside to this method of working? Will there be any issues if I happen to have PhotoLab open on both machines at once?

If both instances happen to be working on the same image(s) then there’s a good chance of confusion … for both the database and you !

Generally, tho, your approach sounds reasonable … and, since you say you’re testing with a copy your database, it would be easy to confirm this for yourself. Please let us know how you go.

John M

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