Severe Fringing Using PureRAW2

Been using the trial for a few days and was blown away by what I had seen so far. Then I tried to process this photo that had been previously processed in Lightroom and noticed the severe fringing in the upper right. This is from a Fujifilm X-T3 with a 10-24 lens. I selected Lens Distortion but not Sharpening. It looks like some kind of weird misalignment and just gets worse if I uncheck Lens Distortion.

Hi and welcome,

Could you store an example RAW file in a file sharing service(such as Dropbox, p-cloud, etc.) and post the link here, so that we can better assist you with this problem?

Here is the original RAF file:

I have now noticed this on a few other photos on the left and right edges taken with the 10-24 lens at 10 mm.

Thanks Blaine, I’ll take a look at it and get back to you later today or tomorrow.

Hi Blaine, I am unable to reproduce your issue. The only thing that I am doing differently from you is that I’m not sending the file to PR2 from LR(I don’t use LR). The only thing that I can think of is that maybe LR is applying lens corrections to the file so that when it gets to PR2 it receives a second application of lens corrections resulting in the ghosting that you are experiencing. Try turning off all lens corrections in LR before exporting to PR2, or better yet try using PR2 first in your workflow and then send it to LR. This is the way that PR2 is designed to work.

Thanks Mark. I guess I’ll have to experiment some more. One of the things that excited me about PR2 was the ability to retroactively apply it in LR to previously processed images without losing LR’s settings. Does PR2 apply lens corrections even when the lens distortion box is unchecked? As I mentioned, if I uncheck that box then the ghosting gets shifted out even farther. I believe the the lens profile is automatically baked into Fuji raw files so there doesn’t appear to be a simple way to disable lens corrections in LR…

I think I’ve found the problem and it is not due to lens correction. In the photo above I had a LR “select sky” mask applied before I processed with PR2. If I disable the mask in the resulting PR2 processed file, the ghosting disappears. If I reselect the sky the ghosting does not reappear. So it appears that the issue occurs when processing a file that has already had a “select sky” mask applied in LR.

I will update here if I find any new information on this.

Yes that is probably the answer. Glad you found it!