Setting to disable lens profiles for jpgs

When I open a folder with jpgs, every time Photolab asks me to download new optical modules for this camera and lens combination. However, if I understand it correctly, these jpgs have already been processed in camera with the manufacturers lens profiles, so it does not make sense to apply another profile on top of that.

It would be nice to have an option in the settings to only automatically search for lens profiles for raw files, but not for jpgs. Currently, every time I open a folder containing a jpg, I have to close that window again. (this is on windows)

In the preferences; for RGB images, select no correction. However I believe DxO take any in-camera corrections into account already as they test both the camera and the lens together. While I mostly shoot raw, I haven’t notice any ‘doubling’ up of corrections.

Depeding on how you want your (jpg)files to be handled, you can set your preferences.

Screen Shot 02-06-21 at 12.05 PM
jpg-Files are not at all corrected

you will not be bothered with messages to download a profile
(normally, you already have the profiles for your cameras / lenses)

Screen Shot 02-06-21 at 12.08 PM
to ‘check on the fly’ for the correct profile
(if you don’t have the profile, you get a symbol in filmstrip, but no message)

have fun, Wolfgang


I am exactly talking about this option. It would be nice if I can have this separate for Raws and Jpgs. Right now, if I have it disabled completely, I do not get any updates if I am using a new camera and lens combination with raw files. If I have activated however, I will get that window also for jpgs, where it is not required. This is independent of the setting in the “Correction Settings”.

This is especially annoying when I am using pictures from several people, a mix of jpgs and raws, with different cameras.

One possible solution for a simple implementation could be to only display that window once the user has any optical correction enabled (which would be not the case with the correction setting for RGB images: “5 - No Correction”.)