Sets of virtual copies


Quite often I would like to apply two different styles to a set of images. (for example different aspect ratios for print and instagram, or film look vs no film look)
In order to do this I create one or more virtual copies of each photo and apply the different look to each copy.

The problem is the folder becomes messy really fast. I would like to be able to select all photos with style 1 or all photos with style 2 easily. (for example to export them to different folders)

What is the best way to achieve it?


Sort your photos by virtual copy number and
Select them by type (vc1 / vc2)

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This sort option is available on the Win version of PL - but not, I believe(?), on the Mac version.

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You’re right @John-M
No filter or sort by VC on Mac.


Add a different color tag to each and set the filter with.