"Set White Balans"option when creating DCP profiles in PL7

When a DCP profile is created in PL7, there is an option: “Set White Balans”
I use Datacolor Spyder Check Photo chart.

My question : what is the use of the “Set White Balans” option? I created a DCP profile with and without the “Set White Balans” option selected. The developped photo looks the same for both profiles.

Set white balance does just that…so that you don’t have to do it yourself. Contrast could also be adjusted with the black and white patches, but DxO chose to not add this feature.

As you’ve found out, the WB option box is ignored when the profile is created.

I actually try to figure out why the “WB option box” is there, if it is ignored. Did I overlooked something?

Courtesy. Check the box and PhotoLab will balance the image. Spares you a few clicks.

Take a photo with the spydercheckr photo in it.

Then in PhotoLab under Color/B&W Rendering click on the small icon on the right side of “Create profile”.

Then align the color grid (you will see it after clicking on create profile) to your spydercheckr photo… .

That way you get a correct colour profile for the lighting in that photo and you can use it for other photos taken under the same lighting.

Make sure your photo is not too underexposed, as it then cannot detect the colours (i.e. won’t work let you save a profile even if the grid is aligned correctly)