Set white balance by selecting white

I can set white balance by using color picker and select neutral grey. Is it possible to have another option to select white to set white balance? It is easier to spot “white” than “neutral grey” in an image.


Hi James,

White is just a very light neutral grey. So it will work with the color picker unless it is a blown highlight. In any case usually it is not possible to find any neutral grey or white in a picture if you don’t have a grey card or a color chart.

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Indeed. You can select anything from white through to black with the pipette. The problem is finding something that you know is truly neutral, and that is up to the person who is taking the image, not for an app to try to pre-guess.

I often click around with the pipette until I get the whole image close to where I want it. And I usually make the pickup area as large as possible to even out noise, specially when using darker greys as a reference.


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