Set virtual copy as master

I have some images which have virtual copy, I want to keep the settings of virtual copy, and remove those virtual copy.
Is there any method to set virtual copy as master, or copy settings from virtual copy to master in batch?

You can copy settings from a virtual copy to a Master one image at a time, but I don’t believe there is a way of doing in batch since you would need to copy the settings from one virtual copy of your choice to another virtual copy of your choice for each image. The Master is just another virtual image The “from” virtual copy numbers and the “to” virtual copy numbers might be different for each image so setting up a batch procedure to handle that would be difficult even if the process existed.


It used to be that you could just delete the masters and the first virtual copy of each would then become the master. I hope DxO provides a way to do that again. Admittedly, though, practically no extra disk space is taken up by keeping the masters and the virtual copies. It’s only the film strip that is bulkier.

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Unfortunately like Mark said.
You must copy / paste (Ctrl+ C Ctrl+ V) image by image.
And then you need to clean all virtual copies.

Like Greg I think this behavior a regression.


Reminder: There’s an option to sort images by Virtual Copy Number … this is handy when you want to be able to select multiple VCs for deletion.

John M

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One somewhat silly idea: Export as DNG. Can be done in batch :grin:
Downsides: Large files, DPL cannot open them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: