Set GPS-Locations to image while merge with a track

not all cameras set the gps positions to a photo like a smartphone does.
While I use an external tracker during my photo walks it would be great to merge the photos with this track (e.g. .gpx files) based on the time stamp of the track and the Photo and write the GPS data to the exif file

This would be a dream (and one of the most missing feature after switching from Lightroom to DxO PL)


Thank you for the suggestion. Please, do not forget to vote for it.

Svetlana G.

or run exiftools first.

I am not aware of a useful exiftool for Mac to manipulate RAW data, do you?. To have it all in one raw development suite would definitely simplify and speed up the workflow process.

there is a Mac-Version too:

The problem of making out of PhotoLab a swiss-knife is: I think there is too less manpower and each new item produces several more problems.
So let them concentrate on the main problems;-)

Or let them integrate a button for calling of exiftool with the correct parameters - that would be very nice and I would vote for.

hmmm. I am a visual guy not an informatic guy … so a terminal based scripting is not my passion. I need a user interface to merge a gpx track with a bundle of images … :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, that would be my suggestion with the "Or let them integrate a button for calling of exiftool with the correct parameters - "

Then you have only to choose your picture folder, the gpx-track and push the button, PhotoLab would call the exiftool with the correct parameters.

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Or there is a tool/service from, a mobile and desktop app.

hmm, yes, I nice idea of the tool, but I use an external gps tagger (so save phone battery life on a longer trip with no power supply) and I use more than one camera… so yes it could work somehow but it is not really a smart workflow… :frowning:

Now I found a fine tool that’s just doing what I am looking for:

Houdah Geo merges GPS tracking infos to to exif of RAW and jpg images and place photos manually it is not on a track. DxO Photolab is recognizing the GPS coordinates. that’s fine.

Here is the tool:

Hello Ulf
If you are on Windows, there is a tool called PhotoMe that will give you a GUI for EXIF modification. I don’t know what limitations there are WRT file types - I only ever use it on JPGs. It is FOSS.
HTH while we wait for the developers to deliver.