Set default action when double click in browse mode

When I use the browse mode a double click on an image will open the ‘customize’ view/mode.
I would like to set a ‘default action’ when doing this like:

  • change view mode to film strip plus fit to view of the double clicked image. Dbl click on a fitted image will bring back grid view again. Maybe also allow to which zoom level the dbl clicked images get’s displayed (fit, 100%, 200% e.g.)
  • switch to customize mode

Reason: when going through the pictures to select the ones to keep it’s sometimes quite useful to check details. Therefore get the clicked image to it’s needed zoom level by just clicking or a hotkey and the go back to previous view mode would be quite helpuf.

Hello @TomHH,

Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll analyze it. But why you haven’t voted for it by yourself? It’s important as the number of votes influenced the decision made.

Svetlana G.

I didn’t vote for it because I suggested it and I wouldn’t do so if I find it useless!
But I got my vote now! :rofl: